Upcoming Event: New Morning Kindergarten Panel Discussion on March 13

On Tuesday, March 13 from 7–8:30pm in the upstairs gym, four local 5k teachers from Franklin Elementary, Midvale Elementary, Thoreau Elementary, and Wingra School have been invited to share their knowledge about the kindergarten experience.

This is a great opportunity for parents to learn first-hand about the transition to kindergarten and what to expect. It is applicable to all New Morning parents and please feel free to invite neighbors and friends as well. All are welcome!

Discussion topics include:

Kindergarten Readiness

  • Describe “Kindergarten Ready.” What do you look for?
  • How can parents help prepare their child for kindergarten socially, emotionally, physically and
    academically? What can we do at home to prepare and support our children?
  • Describe the wide range of normal development for children entering kindergarten.
  • Do you have advice on how to ease the transition to kindergarten?
  • Any other relevant and important information on this topic.

Describe a Typical Kindergarten Day

  • Describe the general schedule for the day.
  • Do children have free time to play in the classroom or outside? How often?
  • Are there breaks and/or rest time?
  • How long is the lunch period? Is there also a snack time?
  • Do kindergarten children join groups of older children?
  • Do children have opportunities to pursue their own interests?
  • How is technology used in the classroom?
  • Any other relevant and important information on this topic.

Expectations and Communication

  • Describe kindergarten orientation.
  • What are the goals/expectations for children by the end of the kindergarten year
  • How does the common core standards impact the classroom curriculum and assessment?
  • Describe how the child’s progress is assessed/parent-teacher conferences.
  • Describe how information is communicated between teachers and parents regarding their child’s kindergarten experience, development, concerns.
  • What are the opportunities for parent involvement in the classroom/school?
  • Any other relevant and important information on this topic.

Surviving and Thriving

  • How can parents help their child adjust to the lunchroom experience, the playground, and the bus?
  • What safety measures are in place during lunch, on the playground, or on the bus?
  • How do you make sure children get from the bus to their classroom?
  • How is challenging behavior handled?
  • What strategies are used to reach and teach kids at different academic levels?
  • Any other relevant and important information on this topic.

Final Comments

  • Briefly describe what is unique about your school/class/program or anything else not covered that is important for families to know.
  • Open forum for questions and discussion.

There will also be time for parents to ask questions.