Birthday: April Fool’s Day

Hometown: Born and raised in Michigan, but I consider Madison my home.

Who’s in your family/household: I live with my dog Daisy. My mom lives nearby in Fitchburg. My oldest daughter, Langley, lives with her partner in Minneapolis and is expecting her first baby this spring. My youngest daughter, Allegra, and her husband will soon move to the Minneapolis area with my first grandson, Clay.

Number of years at New Morning:  5 years as a New Morning parent and 28 years as the director.

Favorite part of your NM day:  Chatting with children in the classroom and reading them books.

Favorite color:  Purples and blues

Favorite season:  Fall

Favorite food:  Anything with interesting flavors and textures, my favorite junk food-popcorn, my favorite candy-licorice

Favorite music:  70’s 80’s folk/folk rock, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Broadway musicals

Favorite book:  The one I’m reading if it’s well written and has an intricate plot

Hobbies:  Cooking, knitting, crafting, puzzles!

What relaxes you:  Tuning in to nature

What makes you laugh:  Kids, animals, and the whacky things we humans do.

What you want to do when you grow up:  Speak Spanish fluently, be a grandma

Flying vs invisibility: Flying

Anything else to share:  The relationships I have with the New Morning families and teachers is the best thing about my job.