Birthday: April Fool’s Day

Hometown: Born and raised in Michigan, but I consider Madison my home.

Who’s in your family/household: In my house: my oldest daughter, two cats and a granddog, my 83 yr young mom lives nearby in Fitchburg, my youngest daughter lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Number of years at New Morning:  5 years as a New Morning parent and 23 years as the director.

Favorite part of your NM day:  Chatting with children in the classroom and reading them books.

Favorite color:  Purples and blues

Favorite season:  Fall

Favorite food:  Anything with interesting flavors and textures, my favorite junk food-popcorn, my favorite candy-licorice

Favorite music:  70’s 80’s folk/folk rock, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Broadway musicals

Favorite book:  The one I’m reading if it’s well written and has an intricate plot

Hobbies:  Cooking, knitting, crafting, puzzles!

What relaxes you:  Tuning in to nature

What makes you laugh:  Kids, animals, and the whacky things we humans do.

What you want to do when you grow up:  Speak Spanish fluently, be a grandma

Flying vs invisibility: Flying

Anything else to share:  The relationships I have with the New Morning families and teachers is the best thing about my job.