Birthday: October 13th                 

Hometown: I can’t say I have one as we have moved so often but I feel most at home in the southwest.

Who is in your family/household: Jim-husband of 25 years, Tulsi (23- just graduated from Northern Arizona University), Kalkin (21- about to start his senior year at Northern Arizona University) and Billy our beloved shitzu!

Favorite part of your New Morning day: My favorite part of any day spent with children is the conversations that happen and the laughter.

Favorite Color: too many to name!

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Food: Mexican, chocolate (dark)covered strawberries

Favorite Music: World, Bluegrass, Blues

Favorite Book: I love mysteries but also love to read books about educational practice.

Hobbies: Crafting, reading, estate sales and thrift stores, buying Mexican pottery and native American jewelry

What relaxes you?: Oour little home in Mexico, the beach, music, reading, walking my dog

What makes you laugh?: David Sedaris!

What do you want to do when you grow up?: I’m doing it!

Flying vs. invisibility: Flying for sure-think of all the places you could visit without dealing with airports!