MJ (Mary Jo)

Birthdate:  July 25

Hometown: Barneveld

Who’s in your family/household:  Husband Mike, two adult kids: Tyler who lives in Iowa with his 5-year-old daughter Piper;  Tori, who just graduated high school and lives in Madison. We’ve just become empty nesters except for our dogs Smokey and Marley. 

Number of years at New Morning: This is my first year.

Favorite part of your New Morning day: Watching the kids arrive with the excitement and anticipation of who they can play with and what we’ll be doing.

Favorite season:  Fall, colors, crispness in the air, the leaves crunching, and the smell of campfires win me over every year.

Favorite season:  Blues, greens, teal

Favorite food:  Mashed potatoes, (must be the Irish in me).

Favorite music:  70’s/80’s, easy listening

Favorite Book:  I’m not an avid reader but have enjoyed many that I’ve read.

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, biking, watching HGTV shows and magazines for ideas.

What relaxes you: Weather permitting I like to lay on our hammock or patio swing and just swing.

What makes you laugh: Hearing some of the brutally honest comments from the kids.  

What you want to do when you grow up: I’m hoping to retire within the next 2-5 years, unless we win the lottery. We don’t play the lottery, so that’s not happening. I’ll likely be hanging out at NMNS til it’s my time to be done working. I’m looking forward to a fun year!

Flying vs invisibility:  I think I’d like to be flying and see lots of things from a different perspective.

Anything else to share: I’ve gone sky-diving, scuba-diving, and parasailing in my younger days. I’ve been keeping my feet on the ground in my more recent years. Snow shoeing was the last big “new thing” I’ve tried.