Sally (Archive)


Birthdate:  November 12th

Hometown: Marquette, MI (My husband and I are both Yoppers), born and raised in the UP.

Who’s in your family/household:  My husband and I have 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  Our oldest has 3 children, Giabella, JonLuca, and Grayson.

Number of years at New Morning: I started at New Morning as a parent in 1986, when our oldest was in the first Toddler Class.  Each of our children attended NMNS, the last “graduated” preschool in 1997.  I started to “work” at NM I believe, in 1995.

Favorite season:  Fall

Favorite food:  Pasta

Favorite artist:  Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor

Favorite Book:  The Notebook

Hobbies: My favorite pastime/hobby/relaxation is running.  I have run 15 marathons and multiple 1/2 marathons….it is my mental health medicine!

Flying vs invisibility:  Invisibility, I prefer to be unseen and in the background.

Anything else to share: Children make me laugh….love the smiles and innocence of babies.