New Morning Nursery School has been licensed by the State Department of Health and Family Services since 1972. The licensing rules protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of children in a child care setting. Our license is renewed every two years, and state licensing specialists make periodic, unannounced visits to our site, in order to insure compliance with the rules.

In addition to being licensed, New Morning is accredited by the City of Madison through the Child Care Section of the Office of Community Services. The city accreditation standards examine interactions between teachers and children; relationships between teachers and families; curriculum; physical environment’ health and safety; nutrition and food; student/teacher ratios; staff qualifications and professional development; and administrative policies and procedures.

The city accreditation process involves a detailed self study of the classroom and the administrative procedures, as well as examination of strengths and areas for growth and improvement. Every other year, our early childhood specialist observes each one of our classes for the better part of a week. Finally, the specialist meets with the teachers and the director to review her findings.

This process helps us to maintain and improve the quality of our program. Accredited schools also receive access to important opportunities for continuing education, consulting, and accreditation grants to assist in making improvements possible.