Our Director

Meet our Director, Rebecca Anderson- Brown.

Rebecca is in her first year as our director but is an experienced veteran with many years as both a teacher as well as a parent of New Morning. During her time as a parent at New Morning she served on the Board as Secretary, Vice President and then President. When her youngest went to Kindergarten she was lucky enough to be hired to her dream job as a 4K teacher in the Oak room where she taught for ten years.

Rebecca is a fierce advocate for play-based learning and early childhood education. She loves when children make her laugh and she loves to make children laugh too. She is so excited about her new role at New Morning Nursery School. Besides being a volleyball and choir mom, rescue dog parent and director, she is a published writer and loves to encourage self-reflection and growth through her writing. She writes:

 “As we embrace Be Safe and Be Kind, our children see those two simple rules living and breathing and they become more than four words, they become a way of interacting with their world. What greater gift can we give our children, than a loving, kind, safe experience as they grow and learn?  What greater gift can we give ourselves than a kinder, safer world?”

“The hope is that the responsibility that they feel towards their classroom community will develop and grow into a feeling of love and responsibility to their greater school community, neighborhood community and then even bigger as they learn to become an important part of the global community, feeling a responsibility and passion to leave the world better than they found it” and “Our teachers are experts at developing and fostering communities and building the confidence and belief in our children that they can make a difference.”