New Morning Nursery School is a safe and nurturing preschool community of children, parents, and teachers.


New Morning Nursery School is a play-based preschool in Madison, Wisconsin. New Morning was organized as a non-profit, parent cooperative preschool in 1972. We offer half-day preschool programs for children 2-6 years of age. We believe that children learn best through play. Our child-centered programs balance the needs and developmental levels of each individual child and group of children. We’ll work with each child during every stage of growth, from separation worries and potty learning to social interactions and pre-literacy.

Our preschool curriculum fosters social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development, problem-solving, independence, self-reliance, and respect for others in a safe and nurturing community with the guidance of highly experienced and loving teachers. New Morning is state licensed and accredited by the City of Madison.

Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about us, or if you’d like to speak with the director, Rebecca Anderson-Brown, call 608.233.0433 or email at


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Thanks to Rae’s Jedi mind tricks, I have enrolled several of my children in the afternoon 2’s and 3’s class, and it has been magical. No rushing out the door in the morning, and we can do all the great local kids’ activities that are offered in the morning. The kids always seem to become a close-knit group, and being able to stay and play as long as we want to when school ends at 4pm is an amazing way to end the day and connect with other families.

NMNS Parent

We chose New Morning’s 4K program so our son could have one more year at our beloved New Morning. The fact that we could add lunch bunch and 4K Plus to his day meant that he got to spend five half-days a week at his favorite place. We were impressed by the large number of interesting craft and sewing projects the kids completed and the amount of reading the kids did, especially when they read My Father’s Dragon, our son’s first chapter book, together as a class. Our son learned so much about how to read and write in 4K that he is using in kindergarten. He was extremely well prepared for kindergarten, thanks to New Morning’s holistic curriculum (focusing on developing social skills, learning through play, and academics based on the Common Core standards) and the fact that he attending school daily in a class of 20 kids. The teachers encouraged us to let the children be independent, and while it’s always hard to let go at first, I’m very glad we were encouraged to do so, because it prepared *us* for kindergarten, too.

NMNS Parent