Illness Policy

This Illness Policy is subordinate to the New Morning Nursery School COVID-19 Policy.

In general, if your child isn’t feeling well, has a bad cough, excessively runny nose, or any other condition that would preclude fully participating and enjoying our program, keep them home.  Do not give your child fever reducing medicine or any other cold/cough medicine and then send them to school.  If they need medicine they need to stay home.  Remember, the best defense against infection is thorough and frequent hand washing, teaching your child to cough into their elbow, and staying home when sick.  Conscientious adherence to these guidelines will help maintain a healthy environment in our classrooms for our children, our teachers, and our families.

Should a child come to school exhibiting any of the symptoms below, the teachers will inform you at drop off that your child cannot attend school due to illness.  If your child becomes ill at school our teachers are required to exclude ill children from the rest of the group.  We will isolate the child within sight and sound of a staff member and call the child’s parent.  When called to pick up your sick child you must come at once.  If a parent cannot be reached or if a parent does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, the people listed as emergency contacts will be called.  These contacts must be local and be able to pick your child up when called.  You must list local emergency contacts on your enrollment form and the emergency cards.

Whenever your child will be absent from school please send an email or leave a message on the office voice mail.  If your child is absent due to illness, please let us know when your child became ill and what the symptoms are.

Children with the following symptoms should not attend school:

feverkeep child home until fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication. A fever is defined as 100° axillary or higher accompanied by one or more other symptoms: lethargy, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat
coughingkeep child home if persistent and excessive enough to prevent child from comfortably participating in school activities without medication
runny nosekeep child home if condition is excessive enough to prevent child from comfortably participating in school activities, especially if child is unable to blow his/her own nose
sore throatkeep child home until sore throat has been gone for 24 hours without medication
nausea/ diarrhea/ vomitingkeep child home until condition has been gone for 24 hours AND child has had one meal and one stool with no subsequent symptoms
rashkeep child home until rash is determined to be noninfectious by a health provider

The following is a partial list of some contagious illnesses that are common to children ages 2-5 years old. If your child is diagnosed with any of these illnesses or any other contagious condition, you must notify the office. A confidential notice will be posted to inform other families of possible exposure.

red, runny, or crusty eyes, contact physician, child may return 24 hours after treatment has begun or when there is no longer any discharge from the eye
chicken poxspots that look like small pimples or bites, usually beginning on the trunk or scalp, child may return to school when there have been no new pox and all others are dry and scabbed over
hand, foot and mouthblisters in or around the mouth, throat and/or spots on palms and soles, child may return to school when lesions are dry and other related symptoms have been gone for 24 hours
impetigopimple-like spots that form blisters usually around the mouth and nose, consult physician child may return to school after being on antibiotics for 24 hours and no other symptoms are present
fifth’s diseaseintense redness of cheeks, accompanied by a fine raised rash beginning on arms and thighs, may follow flu-like symptoms, consult physician, child may return after rash has been diagnosed and no other symptoms are present
liceintense itching of scalp, especially behind the ears and at nape, and the appearance of nits on hair shaft, consult physician, children may return to school after receiving a medicated lice shampoo treatment and thorough nit removal. If a child does not receive a medicated lice shampoo treatment they must be nit-free and checked by the director before returning to school.
strepsore throat, sometimes accompanied by nausea, can also be present in ear infections, related to impetigo, consult physician, child may return to school after being on medication for 24 hours and is symptom-free
intestinal parasites/bacteriasee diarrhea above