Illness Policy

Please see our current Health policy here: New Morning Nursery School Health Policy.

In general, if your child isn’t feeling well, with any condition that would preclude fully participating and enjoying our program, keep them home. Do not give your child fever reducing medicine or any other cold/cough medicine and then send them to school. Remember, the best defense against illness is thorough and frequent hand washing, teaching your child to cough into their elbow, and staying home when sick. Conscientious adherence to these guidelines will help maintain a healthy environment in our classrooms for our children, our teachers, and our families.
If your child becomes ill at school our teachers are required to exclude ill children from the rest of the group. When called, you must come at once to pick your child up. If a parent cannot be reached or if a parent does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, the people listed as emergency contacts will be called. You must list local emergency contacts on your enrollment form and the emergency cards.
Whenever your child will be absent from school please send an email or leave a message on the office voicemail. Please include when your child became ill and what the symptoms are and when they began.