New Morning Nursery School Community Pledge

Definition of the Community

The New Morning Nursery School community is comprised of all of its students, their parents, siblings and immediate family members, and all of the staff members.

Purpose of the Pledge

To identify the community aspect of the New Morning Nursery School experience as one of its major assets. To emphasize the role of each community member in the creation and perpetuation of the community. To invite each member to take the pledge, thereby reaping the full benefit of their association to the school.

The Pledge

  • I understand that I am accountable for my own behavior. I accept the responsibility for the welfare of the community itself and my own sense of belonging.
  • I accept the obligation to listen to and understand the beliefs and opinions of others, and to treat others fairly, with respect for their rights, similarities and differences.
  • I accept the responsibility for understanding and promoting the mission of the school.

We have outlined more specifically what this means for parents and teachers throughout the course of the school year.

  • Communication
    Parents are equal partners in communicating with teachers by reading all emails and newsletters sent by teachers and staff
    Parents agree to contact teachers immediately with any questions or concerns, and to share positive feedback
  • Partnership
    Parents will attend parent-teacher conferences and participate in as many school events as your families schedule allows
  • Respect
    Parents acknowledge that teachers are dedicated professionals whose primary responsibility is to attend to the children in the class
  • Communication
    Teachers will provide families with information about the curriculum, classroom activities, and age-appropriate topics related to supporting child development
    Teachers will make arrangements to discuss any question or concern from parents at a mutually agreeable time
  • Partnership
    Teachers will plan and implement a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum and environment
  • Respect
    Teachers will respect each child and family as individuals with their own needs, beliefs, and culture


Download our Community Pledge