New Morning Nursery School was formed in 1972 as a non-profit parent cooperative by parents who were interested in providing their children with opportunities to socialize and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. More than 30 years later, New Morning continues to be dedicated to the premise that active parental participation in a child’s education creates a sense of community and support among parents and teachers and greatly enriches the child’s educational experience.

We plan each day’s activities to make use of a wide variety of materials and spaces to encourage curiosity, resourcefulness, growth, and enjoyment. We help children work out their own solutions to the situations that inevitably occur when a group of individuals get together. We encourage children to participate in activities that are satisfying to them and help them to develop new interests and relationships with other children, as well as adults. We promote cultural diversity in the classroom through the materials, toys, and activities available to children, especially as it reflects the diversity within the child’s peer group at school.

Our goal is to assist each child in taking responsibility for his/her actions and to have confidence in his/her ability to do so. No two children grow up in exactly the same way, and we invite parents to share with us the individual interests and needs of their own children. We encourage independence and self-reliance, helping children to take initiative and direct their own activities. We provide support, stepping in when there is an opportunity to expand or enrich a child’s play or learning. We set realistic limits, helping children to understand what is appropriate behavior and what is not.

New Morning Nursery School’s inherent flexibility allows the classroom curriculum to remain innovative, preserving the vitality the children and staff experience at school.