Name: Jen

Birthday: June 27th

Hometown: Joliet, Illinois

Who’s in your family/household: Brian (my amazing husband), Hannah (my senior at UW-Madison), Bella (my freshman at University of Delaware), Veronica (my middle school girl) and Rosa (my 4-year-old mini golden doodle).

Number of years at New Morning: Started out as a student teacher in the Willow room in 2012 (so almost 11 years)

Favorite part of your New Morning day: All of it!

Favorite color: Turquoise and lately a lot of red

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite music (song/artist/genre): Christian rock, 70’s & 80’s music and some alternative bands

Favorite book: Too many to choose just one!

Hobbies: Crafting, trying new recipes (for cooking and baking), walking through the neighborhood and city trails, boating and supporting my girls in their respective sports

What relaxes you: Taking the boat out on Lake Mendota when it’s quiet. I love being surrounded by nature and a good cup of coffee.

What makes you laugh: my students (love the comments that come out of their mouths!)

What you want to do when you grow up?: Already doing it! I wanted to be a teacher at a very young age, but my college path led me towards a different career. Eventually, I ended up just where I wanted to be in my late 30’s.

Flying vs invisibility: Invisibility…much more mysterious!

Anything else you want to share about yourself with the community: I love New Morning and the families that I serve! I am super grateful to be a part of this wonderful community!