Birthday: October 4

Hometown: Born in Omaha, NE; Minneapolis for formative years, Madisonian by choice since 1992

Family/household: Husband Tom, NMNS graduates John and Julia, and two adorable pups, Emma and Daisy.

Years at New Morning: Parent/Volunteer/Board member 2004-2009, Lunch bunch and substitute, 2010-2013, Birch Room teacher 2013-present.

Favorite part of your New Morning day:  Singing and reading books with children snuggled up all around me. These days, enjoying nature with children.

Favorite color: Same as Prince

Favorite season: Fall, (back to school time, of course!)

Favorite food: Creative salads, good cheese, rhubarb pie.

Favorite music:  Eclectic, the last live concert I went to was the Bad Bad Hats at the High Noon.  I miss live music.

Favorite book: That’s hard so I’ll say my favorite book to read to children:  The Rabbit Listened, h/t Jamie.

Hobbies: Walking, riding my bike, knitting, gardening, exploring state parks and new cities.

What relaxes you: Yoga

What makes you laugh: My children, your children, Christopher Guest, Portlandia, Amy Schumer, Rebecca Anderson Brown.

What you want to do when you grow up: I’m doing it!

Flying vs invisibility:  Both, please.

Anything else to share:  So happy to have landed here.