Future Fund

The annual operating expenses of the school are paid with tuition. This includes, in order of percentage of total expenses: staff salaries and benefits, rent, classroom materials, liability insurance and miscellaneous expenses (accounting service, publicity, accreditation and licensing fees, printing, phone, equipment and internet service). Occasionally we have access to state and city grant funds. 

In 1996-97, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of New Morning, the board of directors voted to create a scholarship endowment to insure that scholarships would always be available to families who cannot afford to send their child to the school without financial assistance. According to the New Morning scholarship policy, an amount of funds equal to 2% of the total amount of tuition budgeted each year will be available for scholarships according to the guidelines of the policy. 

In 2006-07, our 35th anniversary, the board voted to create an umbrella Future Fund to protect the future viability of the school and preserve the high quality of our program, in addition to providing scholarships. The Future Fund allows us to offer tuition assistance, pay for program development and improvements, or cover unforeseen expenses or losses due to lower than budgeted enrollment, without relying solely on tuition increases. 

The board designates how the Future Funds should be allocated. In the past the fund has allocated monies to build and maintain cash reserves, been given to staff as a bonus/salary increase, or used for program improvement. New Morning has cash reserves available to cover operating expenses when there is a fund deficit or to cover expenses not included in the annual budget for program enhancement or to pay for unexpected maintenance, repair or replacement. 

We raise funds to benefit the school in different ways. We have annual fundraising and social events, we hold an annual Spring Auction, and we ask for donations of cash, items or services. Participation in fundraising activities is voluntary. 

Every family‚Äôs ability to contribute to New Morning is different. Donations of time spent and contributions of goods or services to make our social and fundraising events successful are as valuable as monetary donations. We are deeply grateful for any way your family can contribute to the quality and success of our school. New Morning is a 501(c) (3), non-profit corporation. Contributions to our school are tax-deductible, minus the value of any item received. Please consider contributing in whatever ways are comfortable for your family.